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Apartments for rent Kherson

7 offers

350 hrn for 1 night

улица Полковника Кедровского 12А

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

450 hrn for 1 night

Старообрядницкая улица 3

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

500 hrn for 1 night

Korabelnyi uzviz 12

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

412 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Suvorova 31

rooms: 2 Мест: 5

385 hrn for 1 night

Соборная улица 14

rooms: 2 Мест: 3

390 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Nebesnoi Sotni 11

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

480 hrn for 1 night

Likarnianyi provulok 41

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

Flats rentals in Kherson daily from owners

There are many cities in Ukraine, that one should visit and feel. They all have unique, special atmosphere, they will open for you many mysteries. For the travel to be fruitful and not in waste, one should care about such thing as flats rentals beforehand. Exactly this trifle can cast a shadow on your stay. Having chosen apartments correctly, exactly by renting a flat daily on our site, you guarantee yourself best conditions during vacations, all things, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern person. Having rented apartments daily or more, you get awesome housing at affordable prices. 

Flats daily rent in Kherson

Kherson is very cozy town that attracts people, who want to get to know more about history and traditions of southern regions. Rest here is very relaxing, because the region provides the best relaxation. Apart from many historic and cultural monuments, there are many sights, that one should see and feel. The remnants of gates and billows of fortresses dated from XVII century, admiralty arsenal, Spassky Cathedral, Adziogol Lighthouse and the biggest in the world artificial fortress. It is obvious, that a rest, spend in Kherson, will be unforgettable and interesting. By choosing Kherson as an aim of your travel, you choose diverse and complete rest, that will bring you many impressions. 

Rent apartments or a house for daily rent from an owner in Kherson

By renting a housing in another city daily or more, one should think beforehand not just about where to find it beforehand, but how you see it. For example, you can find a huge basis of flats on our site, so it will be even difficult for you to choose. We are sure, that objects, published on our site will correspond to all your desires and you will have good impressions from the time spend far from native city. Travelling with us, you will have: fridge, wifi, microwave and many other things will surround you, wherever you go. Due to the fact, that flats are directly from owners, you avoid additional payments, this means prices are very pleasant. You can choose apartments situated in the most convenient for you districts. We are sure, that having chosen us once, you will travel with us more and more.